How will Durango Property Search Inc. serve its sellers?

I will admit right off the bat that I don’t generally carry a large number of listings. The reason for this is that I like to focus my energies on a smaller number of select, marketable properties and not spread myself too thin.

I like to focus on very marketable properties that I know I can provide a good service for, meaning that these properties have some redeeming qualities, they are priced properly, and of course having a good level of ongoing communication with my seller. I feel it is of the utmost importance to have constant feedback as to any comments, suggestions, and opinions that I receive from buyers that have seen the property and from those brokers that have shown it.

I pride myself on direct communication with my sellers and not an unlicensed assistant giving you a follow up because your broker is so busy with his other 25 listings. I am one to do the best job I can with the few properties I decide to list because individual, one on one service has always been the key to my success in selling the properties that I market.

Sure, I have taken the challenge in the past of trying to market an overpriced, poorly located, property in poor condition before, and yes, they do eventually sell, but at what cost of time to do so? The magic formula of course is the perfect combination of a reasonable asking price, condition of the property, and of course the level of your broker’s marketing efforts.

We all have the same tools at our disposal to give your property the proper exposure it needs in order to sell, but which tools do we use and how often do we use the right ones for the right property? All of this takes years of experience and feedback from a plethora of potential buyers and learning how they made contact with me, the broker doing the marketing. I use the marketing techniques that WORK!  And continue to work!

With 38 years of local experience of selling everything from your first home, vacant lot or acreage to build your dream home, that elusive gentleman’s riverfront ranch, maybe that ski resort vacation home, I have done it all, and have all of the needed tools to give your property the most exposure possible when the time comes to market it.

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