What will Durango Property Search Inc. do for its buyers?

It’s safe to say that over the past 38 years of my real estate career I can honestly say that I haven’t actually ever really specialized in any particular segment of the real estate business, but found it more interesting to deal in ALL aspects of the business. The best way to be able to do this is to have been in the Durango area since 1972 and being a local broker since 1978 that was pretty much thrown into the business having to learn about vacant land sales, whether it be a lot in town, 3 acres in the country, or a large ranch to raise your horses or cow units. I needed to get very acquainted with all of the ‘starter homes’ on the market seeing that I was only 23 years old at the time, I was probably going to be in that market myself! Of course I needed to learn the mid-range home market in and out of town as well and eventually become more acquainted with the upper end, luxury market as well.

Of course having been a college student here and exploring the rental market, I learned the value of owning an income property early, and began to school myself on rental properties for those college parents and others looking for rental income as well, whether it be single family, multi-family, or commercial income properties.

I have always felt that in a smaller area that we live in that a broker had to be well versed in ALL aspects of our business in order to not only survive, but to install credibility in what advice I have to give to my clients.
I pride myself in having knowledge of construction, road and driveway placement, home design ideas, excavation, right down to proper placement of the dream home you want to build, in order to take advantage of the best views, drainage, solar adaptation, and landscaping ideas as well.

Durango Property Search Inc. is here to represent YOU, look after YOUR needs and provide experienced, professional, unbiased advice in order to make the proper decision in your real estate buying experience.

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